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PCB manufacturing services.

  • Quick turn, fast, and rapid PCBs.

    Fast Quickturn PCBs

    We specialize in Quick turn PCB services with an industry leading turnaround time as fast as 24 hours. When your company needs fast and rapid PCB prototyping, know that you can count on Custom Circuit Boards to deliver high quality printed circuit boards on time at competitive prices.

  • PCB prototypes.

    PCB Prototypes

    Perfect for testing or one-offs, utilize our entry-level prototype PCB services with up to 500 boards completed in a few days. With extensive prototype PCB fabrication capabilities, we are confident that we will be able to exceed your organization's simple or complex PCB prototype requirements.

  • Production PCBs.

    Production PCB Manufacturing

    We provide production quantity PCBs at competitive go-to-market pricing with no NRE mins or contracts. We have the capabilities to manufacture your production printed circuit board run in-house at our USA facility or in one of our offshore facilities.

  • Multilayer PCBs.

    Mulitlayer PCBs

    We have the capabilities to manufacture 1 to 24 layered printed circuit boards. Our maximum board size for multilayer PCBs is 16"x26" and the standard PCB manufacturing turnaround time depends on the complexity and quantity of the boards needed.

PCB markets.

As a leading PCB manufacturer, we take on projects ranging from simple double-sided to class 3 highly complex multilayer aerospace and military PCBs.

  • Aerospace and Military PCBs


  • Medical PCBs


  • Industrial PCBs


  • Student and Educational PCBs


How to get a PCB quote online.

Fill out our online PCB quote form with your PCB specifications or email them to us directly. (Please attach zipped Gerber and Drill files with readme of PCB fab notes).

One of our account representatives will review your PCB requirements and provide you with an accurate formal quote. (No hidden costs)

Our company's story.

We started Custom Circuit Boards because we were tired of the poor customer service and board quality from other PCB companies in the industry. We knew that we could do better. Now, every day we do our best to exceed our customer's expectations by providing exceptional personal customer service and competitively priced high-quality printed circuit boards that are delivered on time.

We look forward to earning your production and quick turn prototype PCB fabrication business.

Testimonials and reviews.

I have been using Custom Circuit Boards as a PCB supplier for about a year now and have referred them to all of my colleagues. They have fabricated circuit boards that are intended for frequencies from 1 GHz to 6 GHz handling RF powers of 10 Watts to 1000 Watts and their quality is excellent. The customer service, response times, and services offered are excellent and allow us to turn a new design in as little as 3 days which enables us to respond to the quickly changing demands of our customers!

Tom K.   NXP Semicoductors

I was impressed with the quality of the boards and the professionalism of Custom Circuit Board's manufacturing department...You have exceeded your competitors in the quality of the product and the way in which the service was delivered.

Thomas F.   wahoo

I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for your service Custom Circuit Boards! Everything turned out great, the PCBs worked fine on the first prototype, and your service was just what we had hoped for. Quality work in an excellent time frame.

Sean F.   stackmatch

I got into lab today and the boards were there. I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help in getting these boards done.

Matthew T.   berkeley

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Xerox Kyocera Rockwell Collins Integra Telecom APS Lo Jack Honeywell Microchip ITT Silicon Labs Freescale Semiconductor On Semiconductor

and many more...

Example printed circuit boards manufactured by us.

We have the PCB manufacturing capabilities to build simple double-sided boards to complex multilayer PCBs. Please review the example printed circuits below and let us know if you have any questions or would like a formal quote:

  • 6 layer PCB High Temp FR4

    6 layer PCB with high temp FR-4, .062 thick, green mask, white legend, and ENIG finish.

  • 2 layer PCB Rogers 4360

    2 layer board built on Rogers 4360 material, .031 thick, blue mask, and omikron finish.

  • 6 layer PCB 370HR

    6 layer PCB on Isola 370HR material, .062 thick, red mask, white legend, and hard gold finish.

  • 2 layer PCB FR4

    2 layer board on FR-4 material, .062 thick, green mask, white legend, and HAL finish.

  • 4 layer PCB Rogers

    4 layer PCB on Rogers 3010 material, .025 thick, green mask, white legend, and ENIG finish.

  • 2 layer PCB 370HR

    2 layer board on Isola 370HR material, .062 thick, white mask, black legend, and HAL finish.

We also have the capabilities to manufacture boards with materials like FR406, FR408, Arlon, Metal Core, and more. Please ask us more information.